Model for Atmospheric Ionising Radiation Effects (MAIRE)

Welcome to the Model for Atmospheric Ionising Radiation Effects (MAIRE). This site is designed to provide some information and several simple services to potential MAIRE users and to the general public about MAIRE.

MAIRE is a comprehensive atmospheric radiation model constructed using Monte Carlo simulations of particle transport through the atmosphere. Its predictions are based on the detailed atmospheric response matrices to energetic incident particles, such as GCR and SEP, on top of the atmosphere. The model consists of two main parts: the web interfaces which is this site and the calculation engine which is also available as a stand-alone tool.

Currently this site provides access to four services, single point rigidity calculations, single point dose rate calculations, flight path dose calculations, and flight path SEU calculations.

News: 26/10/2022 - 1) updated the nasa/jsc GCR model to BON2020; 2) Updated the ISO GCR model; 3) updated the SSN data to current 10/2022; 4) updated all model calculations to take into account the contributions from incident particles beyond the current upper limit of 1 TeV/n.