Single point dose rate calculation


This service allows the calculation of dose rate expected at any point within the Earth's atmosphere. The inputs are:

  • Date - to determine the cosmic ray spectrum

  • Incident spectrum - GCR (proton, alpha, both), GLE05 GLE42, GLE43, GLE44, GLE45,GLE59,and GLE60

  • Kp - Magnetic field disturbance, used to accurately calculate the rigidity cut-off

  • Latitude (decimal deg.), Longitude(decimal deg.) and altitude (Km)

  • Output spectrum - Either protons, neutrons, electrons, gamma, charged muon or charged pion


The output includes a summary of the input parameters, the dose rate (in microSV/hr), a plot of the selected spectrum at the point specified, and for registered users an ASCII text table containing the spectrum data.